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  • Amy Mynhier

How to pick the perfect White

I believe white is the hardest paint color to choose. With so many options, shades, undertones it can be hard to know where to start! Here are a few of my tried and true whites that will be able to give you the look you need!

Warm whites are whites with undertones of yellow, red or orange while cool whites will have undertones of green, blue or purple. Choosing warm or cool whites will depend a lot on your room and the light in it. The direction your room is facing will affect this as well. North facing rooms will get less light than a south facing room so I like to use a warm white. South facing rooms can be lite with more golden tones so I like that reflected on a cool white.

Start by knowing what you want and what you have. Do you want it to be a warm or cool white? Do you want it to look really clean but not to stark? What are the other textures in the room going to be? What type of lighting do you have? Try to answer these questions to the best of your ability.

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

If walk into any Benjamin Moore store and ask about whites, there is no doubt they will bring up White Dove. It is a beautiful white that comes off just slightly warm. This color can also work well for trim!

Decorators White by Benjamin Moore

This is a cool white. It has a small amount of purple undertone. This does seem very white when it is on a wall, so I recommend putting it in a room with lots of textures and warmth coming from the pieces in it and/or the light.

Salt by Farrow & Ball

This is from the new collection by Kelly Wearstler (the queen of style). She calls it "a bright, crisp white, reminiscent of the salty air". I ordered a sample and love the color, it's definitely a cooler white will work great in a room with less natural light.

China White by Benjamin Moore

I used this color for 3 rooms in my home. I tried at least 10 different whites trying to find the right one. China White is unique because it has a greige undertone, it gives a warmth in the white without have any yellows tones.

Pure White by Sherwin Williams

This is a slightly warm white that doesn't seem creamy when applied. This is another color that can be used for trim or cabinets.

Moderne White by Sherwin Williams

We used this for the outside of our home. With so much natural light we wanted really wanted it to look white and welcoming. I was very concerned about it being to stark. I love how this turn out while still looking white and not yellow! Moderne White is the top left color in the photo below.

The most important thing is to try the color in your room! Paint it on different areas of the room with different lighting and see how it works. I am always surprised by the outcome!

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